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Segmenting A List in ActiveCampaign

Why Segment Your ActiveCampaign List?

Segmenting your email list lets you use information that is stored for your contacts to answer specific questions.

For example, you might want to know which contacts have completed an online course you are offering in order to send them a follow-up asking them what they thought of the class.

Or you might want to know who opened an email but did not take any of the action steps within the email (e.g. clicking on a link to your web page.)

All this can be done with segmentation. However, it does require a bit of forethought ahead of time for some of the segmenting capabilities to be available -- such as assigning a tag to any contact who purchases a specific product.  But if you have set up those pre-conditions, then segmenting is fairly easy.

ActiveCampaign Setup

Two Quick Ways of Setting Up Segments

List segments in ActiveCampaign can be set up in several ways.  They all achieve the same result and the resulting list segment is identical no matter which creation method you use.

  • Create a segment list from the "Lists" tab

    List segments can be created directly from the top menu "Lists" tab.  This makes sense as segments are actually a subset of a list.

    1. Select List tab from top menu.  A screen will appear showing all your lists.
    2. Click on the list actions dropdown. This is in the right of the window next to each of the list names, and by default it says "Import Contacts."
    3. From the action dropdown, select "Segments."  At the bottom of the screen will be tags of all your existing segments.
    4. Click on "New Segment"
    5. Follow the prompts to define the rules for the list segment.
  • Create a segment while creating a campaign (or automation)

    You can define a segment on the fly right when you are creating a campaign or automation.  You don't have to do it ahead of time.

    1. Create a new campaign.
    2. Select the list. Right after naming the campaign you will be prompted to select the list for the campaign.
    3. Select the segment or Create New


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