Fix Spacing Around Power Pack Image Carousel

Fix Spacing Around Power Pack Image Carousel

The spacing around a Power Pack Image Carousel is partially determined by the height specified for the carousel.

Software Setup

PowerPack Image Carousel

Modify The Spacing

Set Margin and Padding for the Column

Check the margin and padding settings for the parent container (e.g. the column settings) and set them to the desired baseline for spacing. 

Tip: Use a value such as 1em to scale the spacing dynamically relative to the font.

Column settings for margin and padding.

Change the Height Setting for Power Pack Image Carousel

Spacing around the Image Carousel is a combination of the margin, padding, and a calculated space determined by the specified height of the Image Carousel and the parent container / column.

PowerPack Image Carousel Height


Here's the before and after image comparison where you can clearly see the reduction in space around the PowerPack Image Carousel after the settings have been changed.