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How to remove image background using Powerpoint or Word

Meet the new WordPress Guttenberg Editor

WordPress has a new editor… Meet Gutenberg

ActiveCampaign - Features you need in an autoresponder

ActiveCampaign – 10 Features An Autoresponder Must Have


Changing a subscribers email address in ActiveCampaign

GDPR Compliance Information

GDPR Government Regulation and Your Internet Business – Tips and Checklists

How To Seem Like An Expert

Think your not expert material? Think again.

Removing Hyperlinks In Word

How to Remove Hyperlinks in a Word Document

How to control user access in your PayPall account.

How to add users to your PayPal account

How to hide the post title in the Astra Theme

How to hide page and post titles in the Astra theme

Segmenting a list

ActiveCampaign | Creating a List Segment

AC Send Email In Timezone Slide1

How to send an ActiveCampaign email at a specific time and date

Sending Campaigns In Contact’s Time Zone Can’t Be Done Here’s a few things to be aware of and consider before using this tactic… USE AUTOMATIONS FOR THIS, NOT CAMPAIGNS Unfortunately, as of this writing, ActiveCampaign does not provide a way of sending a campaign at a recipient’s specific time-zone.  The only work-around for this is…

the origin of breadcrumbs

How to Hide The Home Link In The Page Breadcrumb

What are breadcrumbs? The term breadcrumbs has long been used in technology – not only in hardware and systems design, but also in web design.  It is a term used to indicate a path so you can trace your route back from where you are to how you got here.While we use the term very…

Replace Media

Replacing Media Files and Maintaining Links

Need to replace a media file and maintain links? Replacing media files can be much better than uploading new media files.  Replacing lets you update the image or document with a new version, and it also maintains all the links in your pages and posts so that it is updated everywhere. Open the Media Library…


Managing gmail account

Creating a Redirect Sometimes you need to send a visitor to a web page that is different than the page address that they typed in.  This is called redirection.  You might do this because you want to provide your visitors with a friendly URL, or maybe you want to maintain SEO linking after a site restructure, or…


Manually approving a PhotoStore order

To manually approve a PhotoStore order: Display the customer account record (e.g. search for the customer name or email and then click on the customer name (not the email address) Click on the Orders tab Click on the Order Number Set the status to Approved Optional: Set the payment status to the correct status of…

Instagram Toolkit image 3

WSS: FB Ads Feedback from Erika Jordan

Of the 10 total CTR, this ad received 8. Test putting features in as separate lines / bullet points.   Test including link in ad description, also test with emoji pointer. Test as image only. Test with brighter image. Ad Copy: Include verbiage as to how much growth and results have been achieved by using…


Logging into Affiliates email account

The affiliates new account ( is a shared mailbox and is accessed by logging into your regular Office 365 account and then following the menu options to open another email account.  You can copy this link to send someone the login process animation: Access to the email account is controlled via the security…

Standard yellow background row

Creating a yellow background highlight row

Quick: To make a row yellow with white text add wss-yellowrow to the row class. Often when creating pages you would like to create a highlight area, similar to a header, to emphasize something.  To keep things consistent a standard look has been defined for this purpose.  This standard has the row background set to…


How to run Facebook retargetting Ads with Miles Becker

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Sending a password to the user

  There are various reasons why you would want or need to send a password to a user.  Some of the reasons include: Forgotten password; A reminder; Confirmation; or just because… Since passwords and user accounts in an ActiveCampaign / ActiveMember 360 WordPress configuration are actually stored in AC, there needs to be a way…