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How to remove image background using Powerpoint or Word

Meet the new WordPress Guttenberg Editor

WordPress has a new editor… Meet Gutenberg

ActiveCampaign - Features you need in an autoresponder

ActiveCampaign – 10 Features An Autoresponder Must Have


Changing a subscribers email address in ActiveCampaign

GDPR Compliance Information

GDPR Government Regulation and Your Internet Business – Tips and Checklists

How To Seem Like An Expert

Think your not expert material? Think again.

Removing Hyperlinks In Word

How to Remove Hyperlinks in a Word Document

How to control user access in your PayPall account.

How to add users to your PayPal account

How to hide the post title in the Astra Theme

How to hide page and post titles in the Astra theme

Segmenting a list

ActiveCampaign | Creating a List Segment


Module 1: Facebook Traffic Basecamp Introduction

Popups that display information on a web page are technically called modals.  The terms are generally interchangeable and used mostly depending on personal preference. These popups can be displayed based upon several types of triggers — events such as clicking on a button or attempting to exit the web page. What is a Scroll Link? It’s…


Determining why content is not protected

Protect content on pages and posts

Protecting content on pages and posts

Protecting content on your site pages or posts comes in handy for many uses.  It can be used to only show information to people who have paid for a course or who have shared your information on social media.  It can also be used to display information to a specific person or groups. There are…