How to SEO Optimize Posts with RankMath and BeaverBuilder

Steps to Follow for Using RankMath with BeaverBuilder

How to access RankMath from WordPress editorRankMath is accessed from the WordPress backend editor. Unfortunately, at this time, RankMath can not be accessed directly from within the BeaverBuilder page editor. RankMath will appear in a right-hand column when in the WordPress editor. To activate it, just click on the light-red RankMath status icon in the upper right of the screen.
This walk-through provides a quick overview of accessing and using RankMath with BeaverBuilder. If you would like to read more in-depth instructions you can start with the content at this link: General Tab in Meta Box of Rank Math SEO Plugin

Steps to Search Optimization with RankMath

Pick your keywords with the built-in trends report tool

To display the built-in keyword trends report just click on the little chart icon that is to the right of the Focus Keyword title.

Select the Keyword to test in RankMath.

The first keyword entered is considered the Primary Keyword, while the highlighted keyword is considered the current Focus Keyword.

Create your content keeping in mind your keywords.

Create your content keep in mind the keywords you selected and try to stay on topic.

Make adjustments to your keywords.

Go back to your Focus Keyword(s) and make any adjustments based on the actual content of your article.

Come up with an engaging, meaningful, post title.

Summarize your content into a post title that is both engaging and meaningful.

Create or find a featured image.

Come up with a featured image that is congruent with your content and title.

Resolve each of the RankMath "Basic SEO" checklist items.

If any checklist item is yellow or red make sure to check it to see if you can resolve it and turn it green. Three of the basic items are actually edited in the snippet editor.

Edit the snippet to make it the most enticing.

This is a relatively very small bit of information that you want to make sure accurately reflects the information in the post.

Resolve each of the RankMath "Additional" checklist items.

These checklist SEO items are called "additional", but they can have a significant effect on your SEO efforts.

Resolve each of the RankMath "Title Readability" checklist items.

The Title plays an important part in SEO, and it is also the first thing that humans pay attention to when looking for content (headline scanning), and it is displayed prominently on the SERP page.

Resolve the "Content Readability" checklist items.

General checklist items focused on the readability of your content.