Ecommerce Site Essentials for Wordpress

Ecommerce Site Essentials

$49.00 / month

A Bundle of WordPress Plugins Essential for Your Ecommerce Business

Start or upgrade your ecommerce business with a complete website package with the most popular ecommerce software. The Ecommerce Site Package includes essential WordPress plugins you need to develop and run an online store. Enjoy unlimited products, orders, and pages. 

The Ecommerce Site package features a solid content management system (CMS) in the form of WordPress, and comes bundled with eCommerce plugins that allow you to sell digital and physical products through your online store.

$49.00 / month

What's Included

Site Design

The foundation for your site is WordPress, but on top of WordPress you need a great way to design your sales pages, product pages, and information pages. 

So we include one of the best page builders (a more advanced way to design pages than the default WordPress page designer.) But it doesn't stop there... you also get advanced BeaverBuilder tools that enhance what is already great. And if you really want to dig in, you can also get access to a visual CSS design tool.


If you are selling anything on your website - services, digital products, or physical products - you need an easy way for customers to select the product they wish to purchase and a way for them to pay for the product.

With this Essential Ecommerce Package you get multiple tools to help you design your store. And if you need to offer subscriptions for memberships or recurring products you also get the tools for that.

Search Optimization

I'll say it right up front... Content is King when it comes to ranking your site in the search engines.

But knowing what content you should include on your site, or if the content you publish is properly structured can be challenging.

That's why we provide you with several of the best Search Engine Optimization analysis tools on the market.

On-line Course Development

On-line courses are very popular today, and for good reason. They can provide good value to the customer, and they allow the course author to leverage scalability and reach many more students.

To facilitate that, we include a Learning Management System (LMS) that can handle almost every type of course requirement and design.

Check Out What's Included

The below table shows many of the plugins or software services that are included in the Ecommerce Site Essentials Package. Listed next to each is the monthly equivalent price for each if you were to obtain them directly from the vendor. Included with the monthly subscription is the initial installation and configuration of selected plugins.

The current monthly equivalent cost of these tools purchased individually is at least

∑ = 202.33

Ecommerce Site Essentials for Wordpress

Ecommerce Site Essentials

$49.00 / month