ActiveCampaign Marketing Automation

What are the best parts of ActiveCampaign?

Build Any Email Automation You Can Think Of

ActiveCampaign has one of the most flexible visual automation builders out there. First, it supports a wide variety of triggers to start your automations. So you’ll be able to use common triggers like joining a list or tag getting added, but more advanced ones like starting an automation when a subscriber visits a certain page on your site.

ActiveCampaign also gives you a wide variety of actions you can perform as well. Not only can you do standard actions like sending emails, waiting, updating tags and custom fields, but you could also send SMS, post to a web hook and other advanced actions as well. My one disappointment I had is that you have to upgrade to a Plus account to be able to add subscribers automatically to a custom audience.

For maximum reusability, you can even have automations go into other automations.

Basically any email automation you can brainstorm can be created with the ActiveCampaign automation builder.

While not quite as nice as ConvertKit’s automation workflow editor, it is still pretty straightforward to use. You can also split test automations which lets you improve each step of your automation workflow.

You Can Share Your Automations

Is there an automation you’re trying to build? Chances are that someone may have built one already that you can directly import into your account. Or maybe you just want to share automations that you’ve built yourself with others. ActiveCampaign lets you do this and it’s a really nice feature.

On the automations page, if you click the dropdown arrow next to the atuomation there’s a ‘Share’ menu item. Select this, you will get a unique share url that you can give to someone else and it will import it into their account.

Personally, I’ve had success creating automations that can be packaged up as part of a lead magnet. This converts really well. Or you can even sell a set of automations like CF Follow Up Pro does. There’s a lot of intriguing opportunities you can do with this as a creative marketer.

It Scales Nicely With Your Business

If you’re just starting out with email marketing, then ActiveCampaign’s Lite plan will be able to accommodate your needs. It strikes a nice balance between functionality and affordability. Most common automations workflows can be built using this plan, and pricing is comparable to less powerful alternatives like Aweber and MailChimp.

But if you are a larger business and want an InfusionSoft like alternative that includes more powerful capabilities like a CRM or sales pipeline, then ActiveCampaign can handle this too with their more expensive plans. So there really is something for everyone.


ActiveCampaign Marketing Automation