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Facebook Video Ads for Lower Cost and Greater Reach

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Video Ads Mastery, a course by Mario Brown, consists of ten different subject areas.   There are three case studies where Mario shows you actual Facebook video campaigns that he ran, including how he set them up and configured them in the Facebook Ads Manager.

In addition to the case studies, there are subject areas that include

  • Creating the landing page (he uses Lead Pages for the demonstration) but the concept that he shows you for setting up a landing page that works should apply to any page builder you are using.
  • Setting up your ad in the Facebook Ads Manager including the targeting, ad placement, budget, and scheduling.
  • How to create and work with custom audiences in Facebook.
  • Setting up your Facebook pixel to track visitors to your ad and video.  Using your pixel to track specific actions by the visitor.
  • How to keep your Facebook account from being shut down and safe.  There are certain rules that Facebook really discourages and you need to avoid treading in areas that Facebook does not want you to go.