Vertical Positioning Content in BeaverBuilder

The Problem with Vertical Positioning Getting the vertical content on a web page – or part of a web page – to be placed where you want it has always been a bit of a struggle.  Early on it was just plain hard. Advances came that made it easier, but it was still non-intuitive.  Even…

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Making Fonts Appear Larger In Quicken for Windows

Quicken register screen

Quicken Tip How to make the fonts larger when using Quicken on a high resolution display My Summary When Quicken for Windows is run on a hi-resolution device, the fonts often appear really, really small.  I can really have a tough time reading what is on the screen.Here are some tips to make the fonts…

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Microsoft Teams Quick Review

Office365 Teams

Quick Introduction to Microsoft Teams If you have Office 365 setting up Microsoft Teams is very easy and extensible.  Whether you want to chat with your team, share files, collaborate on OneNote, or manage a project, Teams might just be the one tool you are looking for. My Summary Microsoft Teams is a powerful set…

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Beaver Builder Change Log

Beaver Builder 2.1.0 Beaver Builder 2.1 (Redridge) brings some interesting new capabilities to Beaver Builder.  First is the ability to edit content “in-line”.  What this means is that you can just click on some text in a module and edit or apply formating right there… you don’t have to edit the content in the module…

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“Multi-Dimensional” Advertising for Building a Massive Following on Facebook

118977 FB 01 083117

Written byFerny Ceballos | Filed under Attraction Marketing One of the pillars of success for today’s network marketers and direct sellers is to start building their own following using social media. So if you’re posting updates to Facebook and hoping—fingers-crossed—that somebody actually sees them (and wants to sign up or join your deal), then this post…

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Microsoft Change Log

Office365 Home Display

Get Backup Today Change Log for Microsoft This will highlight changes that I think might be notable for their effect on my groupies…  Notable products include Office 365, Windows, OneDrive, etc.  Changes are generally ordered with the more recent updates at the top of the list. OneDrive OneDrive Files-on-Demand With the release of the Windows…

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Recommended Autoresponder – ActiveCampaign Review

ActiveCampaign Autoresponder

Visual eMail Automation In An Autoresponder If you have any type of a contact list to which you want to send email updates to, this is one of the top services.  You can send newsletters, a broadcast email, an automated sequence of emails, or a direct 1:1 email.You can manage your contacts with tags, track…

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Recommended Backup – iDrive Review

idrive backup splash

Simple Backup Service for All Your Devices Backing up your computer’s data is one of those proactive insurance steps that you take.  You don’t know how important it really is until you need it.  I speak from experience… One of my favorite set-and-forget tools is iDrive.  It is a very flexible backup solution that’s recommended…

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