Making Fonts Appear Larger In Quicken for Windows

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How to make the fonts larger when using Quicken on a high resolution display

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When Quicken for Windows is run on a hi-resolution device, the fonts often appear really, really small.  I can really have a tough time reading what is on the screen.

Here are some tips to make the fonts in Quicken larger and easier to read.

Method 1:

Change Quicken Fonts to Large Fonts

I've had mixed success with this method and the results seem a little inconsistent.  Yes, it does make the fonts bigger, but you really don't have any choice over the size.  They are either large or small.  And sometimes they are either really large or really small


  1. From the main top menu select View
  2. Select

Quicken will restart and the font sizes will change.

Method 2

Change the Font Size Used in the Register

This method actually seems to work quite well and gives you more options over font styling than the other two methods.  However, it only affects the fonts used in registers and not the font used for account listings or other areas of the program.


  1. Display one of your account registers.  It really doesn't matter which account as the font change will apply to all registers.
  2. Look for the little gear icon dropdown on the title bar of the account window.  Click the gear icon and it will drop down a list of actions for the register.
  3. Click on Register Preferences.
  4. Click on Register...
  5. Click on the Fonts Button
  6. Pick the font style and size you want.
  7. Save


Method 3

Change Compatibiliy Settings for the Quicken Application

This is actually the best option that I have found for making the fonts bigger in Quicken for hi-resolution displays.  It is a bit more complex to set it up, but the results are more consistent.  It is more complex because you aren't really modifying anything within the Quicken application.  Rather you are changing the application launch settings within Windows 10.

Note:  The first thing you need to do is bring up the Quicken application properties dialog.  There are several ways of doing this so there are multiple instructions I could provide all to do the same thing.  Therefore, I'm just going to provide one method. 


  1. Click the Win10 Start button
  2. Start typing Quicken.  The Quicken application should appear in the list of results.
  3. Right click on the Quicken application name
  4. Click Open File Location
  5. In the Explorer window that opens, the Quicken application shortcut should be shown and selected.  Right click on the application shortcut.
  6. Click properties
  7. At the top of the properties dialog, select the Compatibility tab
  8. Check override high DPI scaling behavior
  9. Select System in the dropdown below the override high DPI scaling selection.
  10. Save

Now when you start Quicken, all of the fonts in use should be more readable.

Note: You can use these methods in combination. Personally, I usually use the register settings (method 2) and startup properties (method 3) together.

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  1. Cheryl Bryan on June 3, 2020 at 3:24 pm

    Very helpful. Thanks!

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