How to add users to your PayPal account

How to control user access in your PayPall account.

PayPalKeeping Your Login Details Private is a Good Thing When taking care of business we often have partners, consultants, or family members help us out with the various tasks that we need to do. Often, that requires multiple people having access to various online services. Take PayPal for example… we might have a virtual assistant…

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Making Fonts Appear Larger In Quicken for Windows

Quicken register screen

Quicken Tip How to make the fonts larger when using Quicken on a high resolution display My Summary When Quicken for Windows is run on a hi-resolution device, the fonts often appear really, really small.  I can really have a tough time reading what is on the screen.Here are some tips to make the fonts…

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Recommended Backup – iDrive Review

idrive backup splash

Simple Backup Service for All Your Devices Backing up your computer’s data is one of those proactive insurance steps that you take.  You don’t know how important it really is until you need it.  I speak from experience… One of my favorite set-and-forget tools is iDrive.  It is a very flexible backup solution that’s recommended…

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Laptop Recommendations and Reviews Under $1,000

eT logo on laptop

Current Laptop Recommendations Looking for a decent laptop under $1,000?  There are some decent choices out there, but finding them among the hundreds of products can be a little daunting.  I’ve assembled some decent sub $1,000 laptops right here. For my research I concentrated on those with an Intel i7 processor, Windows 10, a minimum…

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