Recommended Backup – iDrive Review

Simple Backup Service for All Your Devices

Backing up your computer's data is one of those proactive insurance steps that you take.  You don't know how important it really is until you need it.  I speak from experience...

One of my favorite set-and-forget tools is iDrive.  It is a very flexible backup solution that's recommended by many publications, large companies, and individual users.

In addition, iDrive has some very reasonable plans with very flexible storage needs.  And as an added feature they also have file synchronization... How cool is that!

My Summary

iDrive offers secure backup for all your devices under one account.  You can backup your PC, Mac, or mobile device.  Their plans are flexible and offer backup storage in the terabytes if you need it.


Setup is very simple

When you first install iDrive it defaults to backing up the most important standard folders, such as your desktop and documents folders.  That gets you up and running very quickly without doing anything else.

You have full control over what to backup

Not only does iDrive let you specify which of the common folders you want to back up, you can actually drop into any folder and specify exactly which files in that folder you want to backup.  You can even specify a single file if that's what you need.

Additionally, one of the things I found great about iDrive is that it allows you to select hidden folders and files.  This is really nice because some applications put their data into hidden folders putting you at risk even though you don't know it.

You can share files

If you enable sync, not only does your data sync between your computers, but you also get another capability.  Sharing is enabled on any file or folder within the iDrive sync folder.

It's not quite as sophisticated as the Dropbox share, but it's quite reasonable.  You can share to social media, email, or just a link.  In addition you can specify what type of access (e.g. read-only) that people have to the file.

Restoring is very simple

Using the web interface or the desktop application, you simply browse the backup set and select the file or folder you wish to restore.  You will have the option of restoring it to the original location or you can specify a new location to restore to.

Bonus Sync Folder

I was really surprised by this one.... After installing iDrive for backup you have the option of enabling sync.  If you enable sync a new folder is created on your computer.   Any files that are placed in this folder is automatically synchronized to all your other computers.  This is very similar to a Dropbox or OneDrive sync folder.

And get this... Sync storage does not impact your backup storage. Sync storage limit matches your backup storage limit.  That means if you get a 2TB backup plan you also get a bonus 2TB sync folder.  Wow!

Bulk backup & restore service

One of the problems that exists when doing cloud backup is the bandwidth and time required to do the initial backup.  When you have a couple terabytes of data to send to the cloud it can take a lot of days.  In addition, it will chew up your bandwidth and in some cases your ISP will charge your for excessive bandwidth usage.

iDrive addresses this problem with their iDrive Express service.  For a nominal fee - or free if you get one of their plans - they will ship you a large portable hard drive.  You plug that drive into your computer and then run the backup program provided by iDrive.  Your terabytes of data will be copied to the portable drive.  The drive is then shipped to iDrive and they load your backup set onto your account.  They even pay the shipping if you live in the USA!  Brilliant!


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