WordPress has a new editor… Meet Gutenberg

Meet the new WordPress Guttenberg Editor

WordPress v5 is here with a brand new editor. Yes, the release of WordPress 5.0 not only has the normal set of enhancements and improvements, but it comes with a radical new direction for the WordPress editor.  It replaces the old native text editor with its new “What You See Is What You Get” editor called…

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How to hide page and post titles in the Astra theme

How to hide the post title in the Astra Theme

What is the page / post title? When you create a new post (or page) in WordPress, you supply a name of the post at the top of the screen.  This name is used to create the slug (url) of the post and it is also is often used as the page title.  For example, the name that…

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ActiveCampaign | Creating a List Segment

Why Segment Your ActiveCampaign List? Segmenting your email list lets you use information that is stored for your contacts to answer specific questions. For example, you might want to know which contacts have completed an online course you are offering in order to send them a follow-up asking them what they thought of the class.…

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Creating a Modal Popup Inside an InfoBox

Here’s a demo of what we can do with a modal To the right (or maybe below if you are on a smaller device) is an example of a modal inside an infobox.  Clicking anywhere on the infobox will cause the modal to activate and display with an overlay across the screen. So how did…

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Vertical Positioning Content in BeaverBuilder

The Problem with Vertical Positioning Getting the vertical content on a web page – or part of a web page – to be placed where you want it has always been a bit of a struggle.  Early on it was just plain hard. Advances came that made it easier, but it was still non-intuitive.  Even…

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Beaver Builder Change Log

Beaver Builder 2.1.0 Beaver Builder 2.1 (Redridge) brings some interesting new capabilities to Beaver Builder.  First is the ability to edit content “in-line”.  What this means is that you can just click on some text in a module and edit or apply formating right there… you don’t have to edit the content in the module…

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