SEO for Solopreneurs – What You Need To Know

SEO for Solopreneurs – What You Need To Know SEO Requires The Proper Mindset First, SEO requires a certain mindset and knowledge about the players in the game. The two most important groups of players are the search engines (SEs) such as Bing, Google, Yahoo, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, etc. and the consumers – individuals and businesses

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How to remove image background using Powerpoint or Word

Removing an image background is a task that is often needed, but also often confusing. Somewhat surprising, Microsoft PowerPoint and Word offer a powerful image editor built right into the application and it work pretty darn good. You can use this tool to remove many image backgrounds. Here’s how to do it. Select the image

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WordPress has a new editor… Meet Gutenberg

Meet the new WordPress Guttenberg Editor

WordPress v5 is here with a brand new editor. Yes, the release of WordPress 5.0 not only has the normal set of enhancements and improvements, but it comes with a radical new direction for the WordPress editor.  It replaces the old native text editor with its new “What You See Is What You Get” editor called

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ActiveCampaign – 10 Features An Autoresponder Must Have

ActiveCampaign - Features you need in an autoresponder

Online businesses – and I would argue many offline businesses – need an email marketing service.  One of the most popular and useful email marketing services is what’s referred to as an autoresponder. An autoresponder is a software or service that lets you compose and send emails to your subscribers and do it in an

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Think your not expert material? Think again.

how to seem like an

When you’re an expert, you command respect in your niche. People listen to you, they pay attention to what you say and most of all they buy your products. I suspect that not everyone wants to be viewed as an expert, but I also suspect that there are many people who do wish they could

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How to Remove Hyperlinks in a Word Document

removing hyperlinks in word

Here’s a handy keyboard shortcut to removing hyperlinks from a selection within Word.  It works on whatever you have selected. How to remove all hyperlinks in a Microsoft Word document: FOR WINDOWS USERS: CTRL+A (Optional to select the entire document.) CTRL+SHIFT+F9 FOR MAC USERS: COMMAND+A (Optional to select the entire document.) Option 1: FN+COMMAND+SHIFT+F9 Option

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How to add users to your PayPal account

How to control user access in your PayPall account.

PayPalKeeping Your Login Details Private is a Good Thing When taking care of business we often have partners, consultants, or family members help us out with the various tasks that we need to do. Often, that requires multiple people having access to various online services. Take PayPal for example… we might have a virtual assistant

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How to hide page and post titles in the Astra theme

How to hide the post title in the Astra Theme

What is the page / post title? When you create a new post (or page) in WordPress, you supply a name of the post at the top of the screen.  This name is used to create the slug (url) of the post and it is also is often used as the page title.  For example, the name that

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