How to remove image background using Powerpoint or Word

Removing an image background is a task that is often needed, but also often confusing. Somewhat surprising, Microsoft PowerPoint and Word offer a powerful image editor built right into the application and it work pretty darn good. You can use this tool to remove many image backgrounds. Here’s how to do it. Select the image

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How to Remove Hyperlinks in a Word Document

removing hyperlinks in word

Here’s a handy keyboard shortcut to removing hyperlinks from a selection within Word.  It works on whatever you have selected. How to remove all hyperlinks in a Microsoft Word document: FOR WINDOWS USERS: CTRL+A (Optional to select the entire document.) CTRL+SHIFT+F9 FOR MAC USERS: COMMAND+A (Optional to select the entire document.) Option 1: FN+COMMAND+SHIFT+F9 Option

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Microsoft Teams Quick Review

Office365 Teams

Quick Introduction to Microsoft Teams If you have Office 365 setting up Microsoft Teams is very easy and extensible.  Whether you want to chat with your team, share files, collaborate on OneNote, or manage a project, Teams might just be the one tool you are looking for. My Summary Microsoft Teams is a powerful set

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How to Access Office 365 email with IMAP or POP

Finding IMAP and POP settings

It’s best to access Office 365 email either via the Outlook Web App (OWA) or via the Outlook client, but sometimes you have no choice and must access Office 365 email with either IMAP or POP.  Out of those two, my definite preference is to use IMAP because it will sync email changes with the server,

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