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Change Log for Microsoft

This will highlight changes that I think might be notable for their effect on my groupies...  Notable products include Office 365, Windows, OneDrive, etc.  Changes are generally ordered with the more recent updates at the top of the list.


OneDrive Files-on-Demand

With the release of the Windows Fall Creator's Update on Oct 17, 2017 Microsoft OneDrive will return a sorely missed feature... the ability to see which files are available stored in OneDrive in the cloud even if those files are not downloaded (synchronized) to the computer.

This is something that I've been dying for. It's a feature that has been there off-and-on over the various renditions of OneDrive. It shows up for awhile, then Microsoft yanks it. Well, it's coming back again, and this time I hope it is permanent. 

If you have any questions about how to get it working head over to the entreTools community and drop me a question.

If you want to read more about the OneDrive Files on Demand check out this OneDrive article.

Office 365

New File Previewers

With the 2017 fall creators update of Windows 10, Microsoft is adding to it's stash of Office 365 previewers. These previewers allow you to see what's in a file without actually owning the application. For example, if someone sent you an Adobe Illustrator file you will be able to view it without even owning the application. Of course, you can't edit it. Come fall, there should be over 270 previewers.


Unified Sharing Interface

Some updates for sharing are coming to Office 365 soon.  The interface for sharing files is going to be consistent across Windows, Mac, and Web.  So no matter what platform you are on, the sharing options will look the same.

And speaking of sharing... you will also soon be able to share securely with anyone even if they don't have a Microsoft account.  You will be able to do this by generating a one-time use code (e.g. PIN) that the recipient must use in order to get access to the file.  And once the code is used, it can't be used again.


What the # %

Have you ever been frustrated when you try to copy a file from your local computer and put it into a OneDrive folder and have it fail because there is a "#" or "%" character in the file name.  Well, soon you will be able to chill.  But the end of 2017 - maybe sooner -  OneDrive will be supporting # and % in file name.s

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