How to add someone to an automation when they click an email link

Trigger An Automation When an Email Link Is Clicked

Adding ActiveCampaign automation actions to links in AC emails is accomplished by editing the URL properties of the link.  You must have a destination URL defined for the link - the URL cannot be blank. Set the AC action in the When a contact clicks this link settings.


Determine the destination URL the contact is to be sent to.

When the contact clicks a link in the email, that user needs to be taken somewhere.  Usually, though not always, it is a page on your website. Examples include a thank you page, an opt-in page, or a download page.

The URL link field cannot be blank. If you leave the URL field blank, you can still assign a link action to take, but when the AC block is saved, all of the actions assigned will be deleted.

Activate the ActiveCampaign automation.

The Automation needs to be published and active before setting up your link action. If the automation is not set to an active status, then it will not be visible when assigning link click actions. 

Add the destination URL link to the email and assign the action.

With the above two pieces of information, you can create a link in your email. The link can be any form of URL link commonly used in ActiveCampaign such as a text link, an image link, or a button link.

1. Depending on what type of link you are inserting, access the link properties. For example, when using a button link, click the gear icon next to the Link field in the right side-bar options panel.

In the URL properties dialog, you will see a section titled When a contact clinks this link followed by a select an action dropdown.

2. Click on the dropdown which will then display a number of options where you can specify the exact automation. Note that there are multiple actions you can select from, and you can also have multiple actions assigned to the same URL link.

3. In this case select Add to Automation.

4. After selecting Add to Automation, a second dropdown list will appear from which you can select the specific automation to add to the contact.