How to send an ActiveCampaign email at a specific time and date

Sending Campaigns In Contact's Time Zone Can't Be Done

Here's a few things to be aware of and consider before using this tactic...


    Unfortunately, as of this writing, ActiveCampaign does not provide a way of sending a campaign at a recipient's specific time-zone.  The only work-around for this is to send out the email as an automation.

    If you do this it will create a lot of single message automations, and the setup is somewhat convoluted.  So think about the necessity to send out relative to a specific time-zone. But if it makes sense, create the messages in an automation, especially if you have more than one message in a campaign sequence.


    As with many things in the technology solutions realm, there are multiple ways to solve this problem.  So, I'm going to cover one which makes sense and isn't too bad to set up.  If I find (or am shown) a better solution, I'll update this lesson with the new information.

    We all know how to create emails to be put into an automation sequence (or should) so I'm not going to cover that here. What I will show you are the critical setup conditions for the automation, those being the triggers, audiences, and wait states.


    The messages you send out with this method won't be accessible in the campaign archives ... because they are sent out as an automation, not a campaign.

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