WP Fusion acts as a bridge between your WordPress environment and your CRM, automating and synchronizing various platform services in response to specified triggers. For example, if a customer purchases a product in WooCommerce WP Fusion can automatically add a tag to an ActiveCampaign contact record.

It does not offer any user-facing features. The is no interaction that users have with WP Fusion. Therefore, WP Fusion is not a standalone tool but is used in conjunction with a CRM or marketing automation platform such as ActiveCampaign and the rest of your WordPress ecosystem.

ActiveCampaign is a robust CRM and marketing automation platform. It has received an A+ rating from WP Fusion and supports the major functionalities depicted in the image below.

WP Fusion General Settings

Before installing WP Fusion, it’s important that you have set up and activated ActiveCampaign. This is because during the WP Fusion installation and configuration you will need some specific information from your ActiveCampaign account.