Demio – A Simple, Quick, Effective Webinar Platform

What I like about the Demio Webinar service

What exactly is a simple, smart, reliable webinar platform?

It’s a webinar platform that’s intuitive and easy to use. It’s a platform that can track how your attendees interact with your webinar. Ultimately, it’s a platform that can help you get better results and make more money, and provide a really nice experience for your visitors.

You’ll be able to see all of the features in action that make this platform the first of it’s kind.  I've been using Demio for awhile now and I'm actually quite impressed with a lot of it.  First, I'm impressed with how simple it is to set up the webinar and how easy it is for your visitors to register and attend the webinar.  It's really nice compared to many of the other platforms I've used, and you can see some of the feature comparisons in the below table.

You can visit the Demio product details page here and see a bunch of the features.

The setup for a webinar is one of the quickest and simplest that I've come across. The only one that I would compare it with is Zoom, but the cost for Demio is much less.  In conjunction with some clients, I did a likability test (ok, no, I don't have a research report on it) and after going through multiple webinar platforms Demio came out on top.

When you set up a webinar you can make it a series so that it automatically recurs. Webinars are automatically recorded as MP4 and you can download them. You can have multiple hosts enabled on the webinar and it also works with multiple screens.

Integrations with other services such as autoresponders is pretty good right now, and they are always adding more.

Demio webinar service feature list

What could be better about the Demio Webinar service

There are a few things that I've found with Demio that I'm hoping will be changed or enhanced in the future (as of the time I'm writing this review.)

First, Demio is a Chrome only platform.  That means both the coordinators and the attendees must have Chrome installed in order to use Demio or attend a webinar.  That is going to bother some of your attendees regardless of them being PC or Mac users.  However, I do know that adding additional browser platforms is high on the priority list and I would expect additional browser support to be added in the not too distant future.

Second, there is no evergreen capability.  This means that you can not have a recording of a webinar and set the ability to have open registration for people to sign up to attend a recorded webinar.  In addition there is no capability to upload a recording to be used in a webinar. While you can set up webinar replays for attendees this is not the same as having evergreen webinars.

Third is the lack of an instant webinar; the ability to instantly create and start a webinar for immediate access.  However, this can be somewhat simulated by setting up a scheduled webinar and simply starting it early.  I've really found no problems with doing this although attendees will be somewhat confused because the webinar start time will not match up with now.

Forth, somewhat related to the above, is that you can't upload a video and use it as a playback for a webinar.

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